The Future of Protein is Launching Soon!

Founded with the belief that all of humanity can prosper in symbiosis with our planet, Spacemilk is the bold pioneer of current and future innovation in human nutrition systems.

From the beginning, Spacemilk formed to create better transparency, higher quality ingredients, and renewable sourcing in alternative foods. Our founder, Walt, sees clearly that for the success of our future, we, humanity, need to innovate new food systems, while practicing integrity and transparency in every solution forward. In turn, each aspect of Spacemilk embodies these values, while we live our daily mission to help individuals cultivate the best versions of themselves. We want our consumers, our passionate global community, to practice these same values, and to do so with the energy and nutritional benefits they can trust and feel good about with our brand.

While this appears like a complex goal, the truth is...we keep it simple. In our formulas, in our presentation, and in our objective to provide optimal nutrition with optimal outcomes to the planet. While others may stick with the status quo, Spacemilk explores what’s possible to create nutrition that’s better for you, but best for the planet.